Davey and the Chains


Davey and the Chains is a Philadelphia rock band that defies categories and genre, creating a sound that’s at once groovy, melodic, fuzzy and straight up danceable. The songs are written, played and recorded by David Ulrich, in his Kensington studio. With influences ranging from Arthur Russell to Mississippi Fred McDowell to Neu and William Onyeabor, Ulrich creates his own blend of stoner funk, writing songs that incorporate Disco, fuzzy pop, R&B (all decades) and hook-laden guitar rock.

Davey plays almost all the instruments on his recordings, but he’s assembled a live band with friends and Philly luminaries including Owen Stewart (Ruby the Hatchet), Maxwell Cudworth (Yng Cud) and RJ Gilligan (Meddlesome Bells, Dark Web). The 5-peice band brings heavy beats, early rock n roll riffs, hand drums and psychadelic vibes to the stage.